Small Business Package

The Small Business package is an affordable way to kick off your business on the World Wide Web. This package is designed for small business owners who want a few pages of information up on the Internet and will not need to change them often, (see our e-Business Card Package for a one page site or our Web Design Services if your requirements go beyond the scope these offer).

This package offers a solid foundation for your business to grow its online presence. With the base package, you will be able to provide a wide variety of information to your customers.

Here are some ideas of how you may want to use them.

Everything you need

The Small Business Package provides everything you need to get up and running. We will register your domain name and set up 2 email accounts using that domain name. Once we complete your web design, we will put it online so it is available to everyone on the Internet. We will also submit it to 3 of the top search engines. The first month of hosting your website is free.

Why wait, call us today and have your site up within two weeks.

The Small Business Package includes:

Total Cost: $300


Ala Carte

Need more than what the base package offers? We understand each business has its own needs and may have specific goals they want to achieve. That's why we offer an ala carte approach to our base design. With our solid design already in place, you can expand its usefulness by adding on what you need when you need.

The following items can be added on at a set cost.

If your requirements go beyond what is offered with this package, please check out our Web Design Services for a listing of our complete services.

More Information

Provide more information with the Small Business Package

With the Small Business Package, you can provide a well rounded presentation about your business. Potential and existing customers come to your site seeking information. Providing useful information that saves your customer time, may be exactly why they came to you in the first place.

Building Blocks

Flexible design solutions

Take advantage of the Small Business Package flexibility and grow your website one block at a time. The initial package gives you a solid foundation that you can add on as you need. This allows for an affordable entry price to the Internet while allowing you to manage your budget.